Highlighting Concerted Acts of Aggression by the Ultra-Wealthy


A Historical Timeline of Treason


When one looks back at history with a 20/20 hindsight focus, much becomes very apparent and quite revealing.


A national central bank was only chartered for 20 years. It is interesting to note how and when they arose in relation to US wars with England. A national bank was supposedly created to take care of the resulting war debt.

The creation of a central bank is highlighted with yellow while the driving forces influencing their birth are highlighted in green. War clearly brought about the first two, but the third bank appears to have sprung forth without such prerequisite. It thus has to be considered unreasonable and suspicious to have the deaths of three US presidents, all of whom were very much against the creation of another US central bank. This is not a coincidence.

The Civil War culminates after the death of the 2nd national bank. England was mad and wanted another central bank that they could control. England was very much behind the Civil War in a covert operation to divide the union and conquer it. Despite the war being over, Lincoln was killed, likely to do away with his interest-free currency called Greenbacks. Two more US presidents were also assassinated, all of whom were like Lincoln and staunchly against another US central bank. A 3rd national bank was formed in 1913, the Federal Reserve.

The Federal Reserve System is an independent organization, not run by the U.S. government. This has become the third central bank for the United States. It is a private institution unto itself, owned by ultra-wealthy individuals, not limited to the United States. They print money for the banks, instead of the U.S. government doing it. They then charge the government for this service. According to former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, the Federal Reserve answers to no one in the US government. They set policy themselves and force it onto the US government, with no vote or say by "we the people," or our elected representatives.

Note: It is thought by some that the death of wealthy businessman John Astor, one of the richest men in the world at that time, and who died on JP Morgan's Titanic, was an immediate benefit to the Jekyll Island coup members (of which Morgan was associated) because Astor, a patriotic lieutenant colonel in the Spanish-American war, would likely have resisted their treasonous plan to take over the country through the Federal Reserve System.

The anger of the ultra-wealthy as a concerted effort to stifle their major outspoken political opponents can easily be seen through the lens of historical hindsight with the deaths of Huey Long (D) and Louis T. McFadden (R), as well as the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, the grandson of Minnesota Congressman Charles A Lindbergh Sr. (R), who, like Long and McFadden, was against the ultra-wealthy and their Federal Reserve. The Bonus Army coup against FDR also fits conveniently into this very short time frame, suggesting that these incidents were not just random unrelated occurrences in history. This national treason becomes wholly apparent when viewed in the confines of a chronological historical timeline, a visual display which highlights the coordinated and orchestrated efforts which were taken by the ultra-wealthy at that time.

There are some who suspect that the ultra-wealthy had FDR killed, and the surprise sudden removal of longtime FDR ally and VP Henry Wallace from the 1944 presidential ticket becomes the real tell when one considers the death of FDR. It is no secret that the ultra-wealthy felt betrayed by Roosevelt, who himself came from a family of great wealth. The rich thus despised him and did not want to see him come out of the war as an even bigger national hero than he already was. One theory regarding the coup is that FDR could not be killed until Vice President Henry Wallace was removed first, because Wallace was an FDR loyalist and would have continued on with his political vision. It is thus suspected that Truman was brought on board instead because he would cater to the interests of the ultra-wealthy, something that unequivocally would not have happened under a US presidency of humanist Henry Wallace. (Truman went along with the dropping of two nuclear bombs, and creating the CIA).

In regards to the creation of the CIA, it is interesting to note that some of the very first acts from the agency in their initial early beginnings just so happen to have been covert undertakings on US soil. This is perhaps quite telling about the agency, which was allegedly created for international operations only, not domestic ventures.

In fact, one of their very first acts was to help import Nazi scientists into the US under Operation Paperclip. The fact that these Germans were previously our sworn enemies only months prior was of no consequence. (Many of these same Nazi scientists would be given major leadership roles within NASA upon its formation in 1958.)

The CIA also recruited many Nazi intelligence officers and worked closely together with the Gehlen Organisation, a post-war German intelligence agency run by former Nazi Reinhard Gehlen, and closely coordinated through the new CIA. Many of these Nazi intelligence officers were said to be rolled directly into the CIA, just like the Nazi scientists who were embedded deeply within the US space program (NASA).

The CIA then set its sights on control of the US media system through Operation Mockingbird, a plan to spread propaganda and disinformation to the American people, and exposed by the Congressional Church Commission in 1975.

The next endeavor of the newly formed CIA was to find a way to subjugate their fellow humans through illegal experiments into involuntary mind control. This was the beginning of clandestine programs such as projects Artichoke, Bluebird and the infamous MKUltra, with much already written about the illegal (criminal) experiments on unsuspecting citizens and military subjects.

So one has to stop and think about the CIA, and why a new US intelligence agency, comprised of many former Nazi intelligence officers, would actually venture to initiate the illegal programs they did, right from their moment of conception in this country. (?!)

Also extremely noteworthy are the comments from ex-President Harry Truman about the CIA, following President John F. Kennedy's assassination. They are indeed quite telling, stating Truman's deep remorse and regret in allowing the secretive clandestine CIA to come into existence. Truman wrote a public op/ed in the Washington Post one month after Kennedy's death, on December 22, 1963, saying, I think it has become necessary to take another look at the purpose and operations of our Central Intelligence Agency.

Truman is also known to have said about the CIA, "I never would have agreed to the formulation of the Central Intelligence Agency back in forty-seven, if I had known it would become the American Gestapo."

It is very clear to understand from examples such as these that history is not always what we have been told because the victor always writes their own version of history. Those who take over through violence and coup seldom ever wish to reveal how they did such things to the people that they conquered.



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