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It needs to be noted how many historical instances there are of
the ultra-wealthy involved in unsavory activities against the US.



The 1913 Takeover of the US Monetary System


Bonus Army Riots in Washington, D.C., July 1932


The 1933 Fascist Coup on FDR

See also: BBC Documentary on the Coup Against FDR


The Business Plot  (Coup on FDR)



Smedley Butler Announcement Regarding the Coup



The 1939 Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden


The 1939 Nazi Rally at Madison Square Garden


Hitler's American Business Partners


Hitler's American Business Partners

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The Bush Family Support for Adolph Hitler


Eisenhower Farewell Address - Military Industrial Complex Warning


JFK Secret Socities


Bush Grins Over JFK Shooter Remark

If Bush had private knowledge of the shooter, as Director John Hankey suggests, then this is a very interesting (irreverent) reaction.


The JFK Files : The Murder of a President - The Fifth Estate


The question is asked, "Why have they not released the info on who killed JFK when everyone involved is dead? Why is it still a secret?
The simple answer is, because the ultra-rich families and the organizations that were behind it are not dead. They are still active.


Texas Gov. John Connally was reported to have said something very interesting, "My God, they're going to kill us all."
The word "they" clearly indicates more than one shooter. Why was it a surprise to him that everyone might be killed?


One other interesting note: when Oswald was shot, it's quite amazing how fast the ambulance got there.
Oswald was taken immediately to the same hospital they took Kennedy to, where he reportedly died.


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